8 Details In Agust D’s “Daechwita” That International Fans Might Miss

“Daechwita” dives deep into Korea’s history.

On May 22, BTS‘s Suga made his solo comeback as Agust D with his D-2 mixtape and its title track, “Daechwita“. The song’s lyrics, melody, and music video are loaded with hidden meanings, but some are likely to go unnoticed by international fans.

Professor Baewooda, Korean language teacher with a Masters in Korean Language and Literature, has analyzed “Daechwita” in depth, and shared its intriguing details. Here are 8 things that he pointed out.

1. The meaning of “Daechwita”

During the Joseon era, only a military band could perform Daechwita, and it was played as a victory march. Today, when the head of a foreign country visits Korea, Korea’s military band and Honor Guard perform Daechwita to welcome them.

2. King Agust D’s throne room

The blonde Agust D wears clothing with a dragon pattern. It’s a modern interpretation of the clothing worn by kings in the Joseon era.

At the beginning of the video, we also see a picture in the background of Agust D’s throne room.

It depicts Ilwol Obongdo, the traditional symbol of Korea’s kings, which consists of the sun, moon, five mountains, pine trees, and waterfalls.

The throne Agust D sits on is the dragon chair, and it is located in his palace’s royal work space.

3. Agust D’s hat

When dark-haired Agust D makes his entrance, he is wearing a “sat gat” rather than a regular “gat“. A “sat gat” is usually worn for two reasons: as protection from the rain or to hide one’s identity.

4. The behavior of a tyrant

Gathered in the jojeong, the space in front of the king’s work space, are royal retainers. This is normally a place where the retainers sit according to rank, but here they are bowed low to the ground. The way the king stands on a retainer is a sign that he is a disrespectful tyrant rather than a good king.

5. Bulbogeumok

The picture behind Agust D says “bulbogeumok“. This is taken from “YuYu Bulbogeumok” from the Book of Confucius. It means, a “classical scholar doesn’t value treasure”. This suggests that the dark-haired Agust D is a down to earth person who values knowledge over riches.

6. The key

This key is likely made from red coral and it has a jade ornament on it. Since both these materials are highly precious, the key must belong to an equally precious person, suggesting that the dark-haired Agust D is of royal blood.

Professor Baewooda believes that the woman who recognizes Agust D’s royal blood and gives him the key to his destiny is ARMY.

7. The king’s long, flowing locks

Just before the king heads out for his final showdown, he lets his hair flow. The Joseon era was a time of strict courtesy, and as such, the king was required to be polite in both behavior and appearance. That means he would wear his hair up with a hat.

By letting his hair flow free, Professor Baewooda says that the king is “going crazy”.

8. The gun

The dark-haired Agust D is from the modern day. He arrives at the king’s palace in a car and wears modern clothing. The gun he shoots the king with, however, is a Hwaseung-chong from the Joseon era.

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