10+ Hilarious Fan Reactions To Weverse’s “Run BTS!” Episode Leak

ARMYs react to the accidental leaking of Episode 102.

Wait a minute! What day is it? On April 22, a surprising Weverse notification confused BTS fans everywhere. Just one day after Episode 101 of Run BTS! aired, Episode 102 was posted on the app then hastily deleted. Here are 10+ fan reactions to the situation!

1. The intern who should start looking for a new job

2. This handsome distraction

3. This staff meeting

4. The staff’s reaction

5. Nothing is coincidence

6. You had one job. Keyword: “had”.

7. This “Taekook” meltdown

8. Everyone at Big Hit Entertainment right now:

9. Same energy

10. See no leak, hear no leak, speak no leak…

11. To summarize…