Here’s 20+ Hilarious Things That ARMYs Would Get Fired For If They Worked At HYBE

How long would you last as a HYBE intern?

We’ve all dreamt of one day working at the company of our favorite K-Pop group, whether it’s as a songwriter, stylist, fellow idol, or photographer. But, have you ever imagined how you might lose the job?

BTS’s Jungkook

Well, an ARMY on Twitter posed an interesting question… They asked others what they would get fired for if they were an intern at HYBE.

And, well, the responses were nothing short of imaginative. So, here are 20+ of the funniest things ARMYs would get fired for if they worked at HYBE…

1. Taking way too many meal breaks

2. Translating is no joke

3. Jungkook did say he wants to “hear bells” when he meets his soulmate, after all, so you can’t blame an ARMY for trying…

4. Being at the gym too often…

5. Maybe being at the gym so much will have paid off?

6. Sneaking into rap line’s studios

7. Trying to be besties with BTS

8. Some people just wake up and choose chaos

9. Attempting to get BTS to see the light, a.k.a. realize “Paradise” is amazing and deserves respect

10. Putting all those Soundcloud masterpieces on music streaming services

11. Also, putting all instrumentals on music streaming services

12. Continually reminding members to post

13. Leaving BTS gifts

14. Trying to join the team and compete on Run BTS!

15. Also, try to change the company name to JinHit

16. Steal merch… you know, just to make up for that $200 Weverse shipping cost

17. Playing with the company pets

18. Actor Jin debut when?

19. “Hey, sorry to bother you, but can you show me where…”

20. Forgetting to switch from business to personal accounts

21. Release the stage remixes!

22. Seriously, why can’t we just get some digital copies of our photocards too?

Source: @oreomcflury