Netizens Think These Two Female Idols Perfectly Pull Off The Hime Cut

This rare look isn’t for everyone!

This unique style is not for everyone, but it’s certainly for these ladies. Two female idols are gaining attention from netizens for how well they match the hime cut. This hairstyle, also known as the princess cut, is a Japanese hairstyle characterized by stark cheek-length layers. Check out the girls who show how gorgeous the style can be!

1. Momo (TWICE)

Momo’s stunning visuals and gorgeous, silky hair are perfect for the hime cut.

Surprisingly, she went behind staff’s backs and cut the daring style herself.

However, according to netizens, it was an amazing decision!

The style matches her perfectly…

…and since it is a Japanese hairstyle, it makes even more sense on a Japanese member of TWICE like Momo!

2. Mimi (OH MY GIRL)

Mimi was also born to rock this cool style!

For OH MY GIRL’s recent comeback song, “Dun Dun Dance,” Mimi emerged with gorgeous long hair and a bold hime cut.

Mimi’s signature cool and trendy look makes the uncommon style look natural on her.

From the moment fans saw her teaser photos, they knew Mimi had done well with a new style choice!

Sometimes taking a fashion risk is totally worth it — as shown by these trendy girls!

Source: TheQoo