HINAPIA’s Yaebin Is Giving Fans Hilarious Responses On Instagram & We’re Here For It

“Honey, you don’t put stickers on a Lamborghini 😝”

Recently, HINAPIA‘s Yaebin (formerly PRISTIN‘s Rena) has been hosting Q&As in English for fans on her Instagram account, @yaebby_kang—and her answers are nothing short of hilarious. Just take a look at 20 of the funniest responses she’s given too far and you’ll find yourself following her in an instant.

1. Yaebin, a self-sufficient queen

2. She knows her worth

3. She took this one literally

4. You may think Yaebin is heavenly, but…

5. She won’t take “yes” for an answer

6. Where can we get some of this confidence?

7. If you can master English spellings, you can master the spelling of Yaebin

8. She’s so punny!

9. Queen of anatomy

10. She literally said 👁️👄👁️

11. What does Yaebin look like, a dictionary?

12. Something we can all agree on

13. She’s a true queen and she knows it

14. She saved this fan a run-in with the border police

15. Well… at least it’s not an outright “no”

16. Fortune teller Yaebin

17. Straight to the point

18. Admit it… you kinda want to download this for your lockscreen now

19. She’ll break your heart and you’ll say thank you

20. Rack up those views, Yaebin!