Here Are The 3 Mega-Hit Productions Won Bin Rejected During His 11 Year Acting Hiatus

Can you imagine Won Bin in #3?!

Actor Won Bin has maintained his top star status despite being inactive within the industry for 11 years. The last production he featured in was one of South Korea’s top grossing films to date — The Man from Nowhere. However, just because he hasn’t been in a production for over a decade doesn’t mean he wasn’t offered any work during his hiatus. So let’s take a look at the 3 mega-hit productions that were offered to Won Bin first, before he turned them down.

Actor Won Bin | Huffington Post Korea

1. Descendants of the Sun

| KBS2

First up, we have the cult favorite KBS series, Descendants of the Sun. While many have come to love Yoo Shi Jin, who is played by the one and only Song Joong Ki, the role of the heroic captain was first offered to Won Bin. The production crew of the mega-popular K-Drama believed that Won Bin would not only look dapper in a military uniform, but that he would suit the role of Yoo Shi Jin overall. If Won Bin took on this role, it would have marked his first K-Drama series appearance since 2002.

However, it’s been reported that the actor declined the offer for a few different reasons.

Actor Song Joong Ki as Yoo Shi Jin in “Descendants of the Sun” | KBS2

Firstly, he didn’t feel comfortable cutting his hair short, which is a signature look for all of the Korean men who serve in the military. Secondly, a majority of the filming took place outside of South Korea, which he wasn’t keen on. Lastly, Won Bin had a hard time digesting the fact that the production would be 100% filmed before it aired, which was reportedly burdensome for the actor.

2. Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds

| Lotte Entertainment

Next up, we have a much darker role that was once offered to the actor. Won Bin was offered the role of the grim reaper, Gang Rim from the Along with the Gods film series. The film went on to see both international and domestic success, as it received critical acclaim for its storyline, as well as the phenomenal cast. The role of Gang Rim ended up going to another A-List actor Ha Jung Woo, who digested the role beautifully for the film.

Actor Ha Jung Woo as Gang Rim in “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” | Lotte Entertainment

It’s been reported that while Won Bin did consider the role for some time, he eventually declined it because he felt that the role did not suit him or his image.

3. Train to Busan

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Last, but not least we have another incredibly successful Korean film but this time, it’s the cult favorite Train to Busan. The 2016 zombie movie has been credited with the sudden popularity of zombie-related films in South Korea due to its massive success. And while this film changed the trajectory regarding zombie-related films within the nation, Won Bin turned down this production as well.

Actor Gong Yoo as Seok Woo in “Train to Busan” | Next Entertainment World

Won Bin was offered the main role of Seok Woo, who was eventually portrayed by Gong Yoo in the final production. And while Seok Woo is the main character and focal point of the movie, Won Bin reportedly declined this offer on the basis that he felt that the character didn’t stand out enough in the film.

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