7 Moments That Prove That Hoshi Is The Most Chaotic Member Of SEVENTEEN

What’s your favorite chaotic Hoshi moment?

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi is known for being unashamedly himself—which, most of the time, is pretty chaotic. Here are some moments that truly showcase who he is as a person.

1. When he did not hesitate to bungee jump.

On episode 38 of GOING SEVENTEEN, the group had to pick out a few members to bungee jump. Most of them were terrified, but Hoshi was more than eager, yelling out his iconic “Horanghae!” catchphrase before jumping with absolutely no hesitation.

2. When he wrote “Horanghae” nearly 26,000 times.

Speaking of “horanghae,” what about the time he wrote it 25,920 times in a Weverse comment?

| @wonwoowide/Twitter

3. When he slowed down when he passed the police car…

… Only to speed up immediately afterwards!

Hoshi driving past the police in episode 45 of GOING SEVENTEEN. | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

4. When he argues with Carats for calling him a hamster.

Whenever Carats call him a hamster on Weverse, he’s quick to respond to the allegations, even inciting fights playfully with the fans.

Although his cheeks are reminiscent of a cute hamster, Hoshi is determined to let everyone know that he’s not a hamster! He’s a tiger! Horanghae!

5. When he stuck his head out of the moving car to show off his house.

On episode 21 of GOING SEVENTEEN, when the group drove past the exit that would lead to Hoshi’s house, he made sure everyone knew about it by sticking his head out of the moving car and yelling.

6. When he got demoted from SEVENTEEN’s official fancafe.

According to their official fancafe’s rules, usernames are not allowed to contain emojis. However Hoshi, desperate to show off his tiger agenda, changed his username to contain the tiger emoji. As per the rules, he got demoted from his official SEVENTEEN status on fancafe and had to reapply all over again—a process which included having to prove he was actually Hoshi!

7. When he got lost at KCON LA.

During KCON LA 2019, distressed staff approached Carats in the audience asking for one thing: where Hoshi was. Apparently, he had gone off to get water and had disappeared, resulting in stressed-out staff members and the hashtag #FindingHoshi trending on Twitter!

Hoshi, we hope you never change!