Hot Ahjussi Facts: 8 Things You Might Not Know About “The Glory” Actor Jung Sung Il

We didn’t know we could love him any more than we already do.

Ha Do Young from Netflix‘s The Glory is a wealthy CEO who can fight, likes to play Go, and does not tolerate the crimes of his wife, Park Yeon Jin. But who is the actor that plays him? Here are eight facts about actor Jung Sung Il you might not have known.

1. He started his acting career over 20 years ago.

Jung Sung Il started his career around the 2000s with local plays and musicals. Before his break as Ha Do Young in The Glory, he played major roles in plays and musicals such as Fantasy Couple (2011), Sheer Madness (2015), Get Off Work At 6 (2018-2019), and Mio Fratello (2020). He is currently performing in the musical Interview.

Jung Sung Il in the musical Mio Fratello | Keyeast Entertainment

2. His older sister raised him until he was in high school.

Growing up, Jung Sung Il’s mother was sick, so he was raised by his older sister until he met his mother in high school. His sister is only two years older than him but always cooked him meals and took care of him. In elementary school, he and his sister had to care for their grandma and even clean her excretion. He said his sister sacrificed everything for their family and thanked her: “If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be here.”

Jung Sung Il and his sister | tvN

3. He once drank water from a puddle.

Jung Sung Il said he grew up not having a dream because he was too busy making ends meet and “trying to survive.” When his sister was in school, he was hungry but had nothing to eat or drink, so he once saw a puddle of water on the ground and drank from it.

I waited until the dirt floated to the bottom and drank the water on top.


4. He has worked numerous jobs before.

Jung Sung Il has worked as a delivery man for milk and newspapers, a building janitor, a valet parker, a driver, and many more. He said that he had reached the lowest point in life and even hesitated for a moment if he could play a wealthy CEO in The Glory.

5. He adds a signature hashtag on every Instagram post.

Although he hasn’t publicly declared his religion, Jung Sung Il puts the same two hashtags at the end of many of his Instagram posts: #Godblessyou and #Godmakesnomistakes.

Jung Sung Il’s Instagram post | @ygmicael/Instagram

6. Many people say he looks like comedian Yoo Jae Suk.

When his popularity rose with his role in The Glory, people began to create memes that he and Yoo Jae Suk looked alike. The two eventually met on Yoo Jae Suk’s interview show You Quiz On The Block, and they stood side by side to see the resemblance up close.

Meme with Jung Sung Il (left) and Yoo Jae Suk (right)
Yoo Jae Suk (left) and Jung Sung Il (right) on You Quiz On The Block | tvN

7. He was in a long-distance relationship with his now-wife.

His love story is like a K-Drama, as he shared that he dated his wife for six years—three of which were long distance—and then broke up. Seven or eight years later, however, the two reunited and got married within three months!

Jung Sung Il and Lim Ji Yeon as the roles of Ha Do Young and Park Yeon Jin in The Glory | Netflix

8. He likes to play baseball.

In an interview, Jung Sung Il stated that he loves all sports involving a ball, such as baseball, golf, ping-pong, or bowling. He has also posted videos of him playing in an amateur baseball league.



Source: News1

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