“The Glory” Actor Jung Sung Il’s Love Life Is Also Like A K-Drama — But In A Different Way

It’s a different genre of K-Drama.

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Ha Do Young’s love life in Netflix’s The Glory went up in flames once the crimes of his wife, Park Yeon Jin, were revealed. On the other hand, the actor who played him had a very different marriage experience.

Actor Jung Sung Il | Netflix

Actor Jung Sung Il stole the hearts of many as he portrayed a mysterious yet stern innocent husband that had no idea of his wife’s heinous past. He was praised for his phenomenal acting and for creating a “Hot Ahjussi Syndrome” worth simping over. He portrayed Ha Do Young suffering the consequences of marrying a criminal—from initially finding out he was not the birth father of his daughter to realizing Park Yeon Jin had murdered two people.

Park Yeon Jin (left) and Ha Do Young (right) | Netflix

Ha Do Young eventually leaves Park Yeon Jin and starts a new life with his daughter, Ha Ye Sol, while also getting revenge on Jeon Jae Jun, Ye Sol’s birth father and a criminal no better than his ex-wife.

Despite many viewers’ desires, he does not end up with Moon Dong Eun either, even though there were hints that he was interested in her romantically.

Although Ha Do Young’s marriage and love life was full of pain, betrayal, and lies, Jung Sung Il’s is the opposite.

According to his interview on the tvN variety show You Quiz On The Block, his love life was like that of a K-Drama plot.

Jung Sung Il on You Quiz On The Block | Diggle

After he was discharged from the army in his early 20s, he met his wife through a mutual friend. Then she went to study abroad in the US as a pipe organ major. One day, he went to the PC room to check his email and noticed she was online, so he sent her a message asking how she was doing. Then he forgot about it until the next time he checked his email and found that she had emailed him back, and they kept in touch.

So even though he was far away, he told her, “Let’s date.”

Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Sung Il, Jo Se Ho (left to right) | Diggle

They were in a long-distance relationship for the next three years, keeping in touch through messages and phone calls—what comedian and host Yoo Jae Suk called “cyber love.

His wife then returned from America, and the two dated in person for three more years, totaling six years.

Ha Do Young (left) and Park Yeon Jin (right) in The Glory | Netflix

After three years of virtual dating and three years of in-person dating, the couple broke up for seven to eight years. When asked how they got back together after so many years apart, he shared that his wife had kept in touch with his mother.

Even when [my wife] was in America, she kept in touch with my mother and they became penpals. They got so close and at that time, mother was sick and needed to come up to Seoul for surgery. She didn’t want to worry me and my sister so she didn’t tell us she was sick. I found out later that my wife escorted my mother to and from her hospital visits. I found out when I went to the hospital and met her there.

After reuniting at the hospital, the two got married in just three months—and they have been married for the past seven years.

| Diggle

3 years of cyber dating. 3 years of in-person dating. 7 years of being broken up. 3 months of dating again. 7 years of marriage.

If this isn’t a storyline straight from a romance K-Drama, we don’t know what is! After seeing the actor go through the worst marriage in The Glory, hearing that his love life is full of loyalty, trust, and destiny is a breath of fresh air.

Source: You Quiz On The Block

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