BTS’s Jungkook vs TXT’s Huening Kai: How To Love Your Plushies

Big Hit Entertainment’s maknaes show their love for plushies in very different ways.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s maknaes, BTS‘s Jungkook and TXT‘s Huening Kai, both love plushies, but they treat their stuffed friends very differently. Here’s a how-to guide to caring for your plushies, as demonstrated by Jungkook and Huening Kai.

Step 1: Pick up your plushie

But not like this.

Step 2: Take a photo together*

(*Results may vary.)

Step 3: Squeeze your plushie gently


Step 4: Squish your squishable friend…

…but not too much!

Step 5: Save your plushie from danger…

…or don’t?

Step 6: Give your plushie a kiss

A kiss, not a kick!

Step 7: Hold them on your lap like this…

…or this?

In conclusion, there are two kinds of plushie people.

Which one are you?