10+ Best Tweets About Hyun Bin’s And Son Ye Jin’s Wedding Ceremony That Will Make You Feel Like You Were There

It’s a wedding for the books.

Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are now husband and wife! The two tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony on March 31. Photos and videos of the lovely event were uploaded by guests online and showed just how sweet the entire wedding was.

Check them out below!

1. First up, it was a fairytale wedding since the start.

2. Find yourself someone who looks at you like these two do.

3. Hyun Bin was an enamored groom.

4. They came so far!

5. This is the most precious expression.

6. They didn’t want to be away from each other.

7. Everyone was feeling it.

8. The bouquet toss was a success.

9. They were just happy to be there.

10. Their parents approve!

11. This is true love.

12. Who knew a few photos could make us feel so much?

13. This is too sweet!

14. It’s a dream come true.

15. Their love is one for the books.

16. And finally, this was arguably the highlight of the day.

Congratulations to the couple!

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