Actress Son Ye Jin Shocks Netizens With Her Unreal Visuals In Her First Photoshoot Since Giving Birth

“She didn’t give birth; she was reborn as a new beauty…”

Actress Son Ye Jin is one of the hottest stars in Korea, and her life has proved to be one of perfection. Not only is she talented and extremely beautiful, but she’s had the ideal love story.

Son Ye Jin has recently updated fans with an update from her first photoshoot since giving birth.

Actress Son Ye Jin | @yejinhand/Instagram

Of course, Son Ye Jin proved that true love exists after her fairytale romance with actor Hyun Bin, where they fell in love, got married, and gave birth to their son.

Son Ye Jin and her husband Hyun Bin | @yejinhand/Instagram
Photos from Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s wedding | @kdramatreats/Twitter

Since giving birth, Son Ye Jin has posted some updates about her family and her life on Instagram, including a picture of her son’s feet and some beautiful scenery.

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s song | @yejinhand/Instagram
| @yejinhand/Instagram

On April 27, Son Ye Jin shocked fans after posting updates of the first photo shoot the actress has done since giving birth last year. In the caption, Son Ye Jin shared how it had been a while since she had updated fans and her feelings about being back in front of the camera.

Everyone~ It’s been a while since I have greeted you. Are you guys well? I filmed for the first time a while ^^. My heart was racing and the film set was full of happiness. I hope you all enjoy spring and hope you are healthy every day.

— Son Ye Jin

In the first picture, Son Ye Jin looks flawless as she poses with balloons and a dog, obviously being treated like a Queen.

| @yejinhand/Instagram

In the second and third photos, Son Ye Jin seemed at home in front of the camera as she showcased her elegance and proportions in two very different looks. Whether sporting an ankle-length dress or going casual with jeans, the actress looked flawless.

| @yejinhand/Instagram
| @yejinhand/Instagram

It wasn’t surprising that when some of the photos were released, Son Ye Jin looked beautiful with her radiant and glowing features. Despite being away from the camera, the actress proves she is a natural.

| theqoo
| theqoo

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of Son Ye Jin’s visuals. Although it is the first photoshoot and official schedule the actress has done since giving birth,

| theqoo
  • “Wait, am I the one who gave birth here? Unnie, please promote a lot!”
  • “She didn’t give birth, she was reborn as a new beauty.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “I was waiting!!!”
  • “She’s so elegant, she’s so pretty.”
  • “OOOH.”
  • “She’s so pretty, AF.”
  • “Unnie, please film a movie.”

While Son Ye Jin is choosing her next project, it’s amazing to see her slowly getting back in front of the camera. You can read more about Son Ye Jin’s return following her son’s birth below.

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Source: @yejinhand and theqoo

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