Hyun Bin Proves He’s A True Gentleman By Protecting Son Ye Jin On Arrival In America For Their Honeymoon

It comes as the couple was bombarded by fans on their arrival.

In March, netizens went crazy as the day finally came to celebrate the marriage of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. They broke the internet earlier in the year when the couple, whose chemistry was first noticed during Crash Landing On Youannounced that they were getting married. 

The ceremony was as romantic as anyone could expect, and the duo looked well and truly magical throughout the day.

Hyun Bin (left) and Son Ye Jin (right) | @kdramatreats/ Twitter

On April 11 (KST), the happy couple gained attention from fans after traveling to Incheon Airport to finally go on their honeymoon to America. They both treated netizens to amazing visuals as they entered…

They also showcased just how close they are, walking through the airport and just being adorable AF.

The couple was later spotted at LAX airport. Although fans in America greeted the happy couple, many netizens shared their concerns about the number of fans waiting for them at the airport. As they left the airport, large groups of fans followed them and tried to get shots of the newlywed couple.

Although the crowds were big, Hyun Bin always made sure that he kept an eye on Son Ye Jin, showcasing a protective side now that the duo is married.

When the couple left the airport, Son Ye Jin was pushing her luggage in a trolley, and it became stuck in the door. Son Ye Jin appeared to be flustered trying to carry on as fans surrounded her. Luckily, Hyun Bin noticed and quickly went back to help her push the trolley.

The duo showcased their true personalities despite the huge crowds by greeting fans, even though they must’ve been tired from the long flight.

When they had finished taking photos and were ready to go to their next destination, the couple noticed that fans were taking pictures of Son Ye Jin without her permission. When Hyun Bin noticed, he immediately asked them to stop because he realized they were making Son Ye Jin uncomfortable.

Even when the crowds left, Hyun Bin made sure that he was always with Son Ye Jin no matter what he was doing. At one point, the actor saw a bus coming toward them, and without even thinking, he made sure that she was out of harm’s way.

Many netizens shared their sadness that the couple wasn’t allowed to enjoy the start of their honeymoon without being crowded and mobbed by fans and media. Yet, Hyun Bin showcased his true personality by protecting Son Ye Jin and staying calm when asking the fans to give them privacy, even though many were seen as intrusive.

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