“2022 Is Really A Sh*tty Year For K-Pop” — 10+ Fan Reactions To HyunA And DAWN’s Breakup News

We need humor to get through the stages of grief.

On November 30, HyunA and DAWN announced that they had ended their relationship.

HyunA and DAWN | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

In an Instagram post that DAWN liked, HyunA shared that they will “remain good friends and good colleagues.”

We have broken up.

We have decided to remain good friends and good colleagues starting from now.

Thank you for your constant support and watching over us fondly.

— HyunA

The news came as a shock to fans who have enthusiastically supported the idols’ relationship, often referencing HyunA and DAWN when wondering why dating in K-Pop remains such a taboo subject.

Here are twelve fan reactions to help you cope with the unexpected news.

1. WHAT?!

2. No, seriously, what?

3. So clearly love isn’t real…

4. If you can’t see it, it can’t hurt you

5. We’re all waiting for the “Sike!”

6. This was in absolutely no one’s bingo cards

7. K-Pop’s 2022 could not get any worse (knock on wood)

8. The timing truly couldn’t be more ironic…

9. Not the “breaking news” we wanted

10. They’ve been through so much

11. No matter what, they’ve irrefutably changed the K-Pop industry for the better

12. We’re wishing them both the best

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HyunA And DAWN Announce They Have Broken Up And Parted Ways