HyunA Wears A Cow Print Dress And Has A Photoshoot…In A Grocery Store

She is absolutely legend-dairy

We love it when K-Pop stars show us when they are in their human element and HyunA did just that, kind of. She has caught the eyes of netizens and fans as everyone is loving her unique fashion for a simple trip to the corner grocery store.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

On November 10, HyunA uploaded a series of photos onto her Instagram page and everyone was pleasantly surprised with her outfit choice. Layering a bright yellow hoodie with a mini cow print dress on top, she proves yet again why she is one of K-Pop’s fashionistas. She paired this daring look with some sheer stockings and chunky platform boots to complete the outfit.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

While wearing her funky outfit, she is captured in multiple poses having a mini photoshoot in the pasta aisle! Fans were quick to comment some love on her little grocery store photoshoot as they left comments such as, “you’re so cute”, “so pretty”, “I love you and your outfit” and “wow HyunA unnie you’re so beautiful”.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

The best part? She did all of that just to buy some milk at the grocery store! At least she didn’t forget her groceries and secured the goods.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

We love that HyunA can have so much fun doing something that can be considered mundane. Check out the rest of her pasta aisle photoshoot down below!

Source: Nate


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