This Iconic Abandoned Building Has Been In Many Projects—But Have You Noticed It?

We can guarantee you’ve seen it! But where?

We can almost guarantee you recognize this building, don’t you? After all, it’s been the background of many different K-Pop music videos, K-Dramas, and movies! But what is this post-apocalyptic-looking building?

| Gimcheon News

Turns out, a school! This building has been around since 1999 and was originally intended to be the Gimcheon Campus of Korea Health University. After only building the frame of the establishment, the owners decided they couldn’t find a use for it and abandoned it for over 20 years without completing it. Apparently, construction was stopped because, at the time, schools relied heavily on government funding, and the IMF crisis struck, resulting in no support for the school.

For now, the building is regularly checked for safety and has been allowing filming to use it as a set to gain some money from it. However, it has been closed to the general public since 2009. It is unclear what the future is for the building but right now it is standing strong.

| Gimcheon News

Here are just some of the most iconic scenes you may have seen it from!

1. Stray Kids’ “Hellevator”

Yes, this building was home to the birth of the powerhouse Stray Kids. Although they hadn’t fully debuted yet, they truly left an impression with the dark atmosphere.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

2. AB6IX’s “CLOSE”

AB6IX show this building in a different light in their newest music video, showing just how bright the area can look.


3. LOONA Kim Lip’s “Eclipse”

Before LOONA became what they are today, we had the amazing experience of meeting the girls one by one each month! This was Kim Lip’s introduction, and she sure did leave an impression!

| loonatheworld/YouTube


ONEUS showed us that although it is dilapidated and abandoned, it can still look regal and elegant!

| ONEUS/YouTube

5. VIXX’s “The Closer”

VIXX did not come to play around and immediately put the building to use with their chaotic plots.

| RealVIXX/YouTube

6. VICTON’s “Mayday”

VICTON brought the heat even when COVID-19 was bringing everyone down. This epic music video was just made even better by the rundown building behind them.

| VICTON/YouTube

7. ONF’s “Why”

Blink, and you may miss it; however, ONF uses the building creatively in showing how everything went wrong.

| Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube

8. Minseo’s “ZERO”

With perhaps some of the most dynamic shots of the building on this list, Minseo truly made the building feel like a movie set!

| 1theK/YouTube

9. SOYA’s “Artist”

Once again showing just how bright the building can be, SOYA brought in many warm colors to lighten the experience.

| SUPER SOUND Bugs!/YouTube

10. P1Harmony’s Film P1H: Beginning of a New World

What better building to represent a post-apocalyptic world?!

11. Hotel del Luna

Yes, even in Hotel del Luna! Although it is not the hotel itself, this building is where the Moon Tree that Man Wol (IU) is connected with sits, serving a fundamental purpose.

12. Vincenzo

Perhaps one of its most recent appearances, you can find this iconic building in episode 10 of Vincenzo when he threatens to throw the hostages off the ledge.


| Netflix
Source: Gimcheon News and theqoo