Here Are 10+ Iconic Moments From “BTS ROOM LIVE” That You Need To See

That transition from “Pied Piper” to “UGH!” though! 😲

BTS continued their FESTA celebrations for their 8th anniversary with BTS ROOM LIVE. The group performed a medley of seven songs that included some of our old favorites and some more recent ones. They included “I Like It,” “Look Here,” “Save Me,” “Outro: Wings,” “Pied Piper,” “UGH!,” and “Telepathy.”

Here are 10+ of the most iconic moments from BTS ROOM LIVE that you need to see…

1. Jimin holding a mic like a pipe for “Pied Piper.”

2. V knows what’s up

3. Push or be pushed

4. Say a prayer…

5. V working out

6. The iconic “Pied Piper” Jungkook returns…

7. TaeJin vocals!

8. V does his little dancey dance…

9. RM joined the fun!

10. This translation…

11. RM ate!

12. V be vibing

13. These harmonies

14. Footage of us watching BTS ROOM LIVE

15. Airplane!

Check out the full video below:

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