35 Most Iconic K-Pop Reaction GIFs To Help You Step Up Your Twitter Game

When words fail you, use these gifs.

Looking for a way to express your feels on Twitter? Here are examples of how these awesome K-Pop reaction gifs can help you out!


1. When the company delays your group’s comeback


2. When you know you shouldn’t laugh, but you just can’t help it.


3. Two words: #SquadGoals


4. Slaying antis like:


5. When you’re trying to figure out WTF just happened in a K-Drama


6. When you don’t know the group’s choreography, but still want to dance


7. Real life vs you


8. Expectation vs reality


9. When someone starts explaining why their group is better than yours


10. Reading about fandom drama like:


11. When your friend is awkward AF, but you still love them


12. When they ask you if you have any hidden talents


13. When every group’s music videos seem to have subtitles, except yours


14. Them: “Why do you listen to K-Pop? You don’t understand Korean.” You:


15. When someone talks smack about your bias


16. When they say you’re being overdramatic


17. Dancing to concert DVDs at home like:


18. How you respond vs what you’re really thinking


19. When you meet an intellectual with the same tastes as you


20.  “What’s your bias’s best physical feature?”


21. When you don’t know whether to laugh or scream


22. When you try out a new group, but their music just isn’t your taste


23. When someone asks you to name your favourite K-Pop songs and you instantly forget every K-Pop song you’ve ever listened to.


24. When you hear an outrageous rumor and need a minute to process it


25. When your group’s comeback date gets announced…then pushed back


26. “I have good news…”


27. “…and bad news.”


28. When you ask your parents if you can go to the concert and they say “maybe next time”


29. When your K-Pop senses start tingling


30. Watching your group win an award like:


31. When you’re tempted to get into a Twitter war with an anti-fan, but decide to be the bigger person


32. When you stayed up all night watching K-Dramas and have to go to work the next day


33. When an idol says something savage AF…


34. …like, “Haters, GTFO.”


35. When you know you’ve got this.

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