19+ Most Iconic Moments From NCT’s 5th Anniversary Instagram Live That Will Go Down In History

This is one for the history books!

NCT members, Mark, Ten, and Doyoung came together for an Instagram Live to celebrate their 5th anniversary with NCTzens. It’s hard to believe it’s already been five years since NCT U made their debut with “The 7th Sense!” Things got even more exciting when WayV‘s Xiaojun went live on Instagram too.

Here are 19+ moments from NCT’s 5th anniversary Instagram Live that are honestly so iconic that it will go down in history:

1. Mark and Ten playing with filters

2. Just the spontaneity of it all

3. Ten getting excited when he thought Doyoung was Taeyong

4. Spotify watching and commenting

Not to mention the members responding to Spotify by saying, “Hi, Spotify!” 

5. Xiaojun going live on Instagram when Ten is literally next door doing one with Mark

6. NCTzens trying to keep up with two live broadcasts and tweeting at one time

7. More playing with Instagram filters

8. Mark’s gorgeous bare face

9. Ten saying that he looks like Hendery

10. This adorable moment!

11. WayV’s dorm is probably haunted

12. Doyoung sharing their old photos

13. Ten getting emotional

14. When the “other WayV” kept commenting


Ik they noticed it it was so obvious lmaoooo #nct #wayv #kpop #kpopfyp #fyp #AerieREAL #GetCrocd

♬ 운전만해 (We Ride) – 브레이브걸스

15. Just the fact that Ten literally has not aged a day

Share your secrets!

16. Xiaojun revealing his fears

17. The flirting!

18. Xiaojun scolding his dog, Bella, for peeing

19. Ten asking YangYang to take care of the cats while he goes to shower

Watch the entire Instagram Live below:

Source: @onyourm__ark, @tenlee_1001, @djxiao_888, @youknowxxtime_ and @_younghojsuh