5 Idols You Probably Never Knew Were SM Entertainment Trainees

All of these idols once trained at SM Entertainment.

These 5 famous idols are currently actively promoting with their respective agencies but they were all once trainees of SM Entertainment!



G-Dragon participated in a dance competition when he was 13 years old where he caught the attention of Lee Soo Man. He is said to have been an SM trainee for 5 years before falling into hip-hop through the group Wu-Tang Clan and changing his path to becoming a rapper.

He was recruited by Yang Hyun Suk at the hip-hop academy he was attending and left SM Entertainment in 2002 to join YG Entertainment where he debuted as a member of BIGBANG.


2. Park Jihoon

On his application for Produce 101, Park Jihoon indicated SM Entertainment and Fantagio Entertainment in the “Former Agency” section.

Some fans believe he could have debuted as a member of NCT if he had stayed with SM Entertainment!


3. Gong Seung Yeon

Before debuting as an actress, Gong Seung Yeon was ranked No.1 for Best Looks at the SM Young Adult Best Competition and trained at SM to become a singer.

At the time, she trained along with the current Red Velvet members.


4. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori was recruited by SM Entertainment through H.O.T‘s manager back in 1999. She was supposed to debut with a girl group SM was planning at the time, but quit training due to personal circumstances.

Staff members claim that Lee Hyori would have obviously debuted as a member of S.E.S if she were to have stayed at SM Entertainment.


5. Kwon Sun Il (Urban Zakapa)

Kwon Sun Il won a singing competition hosted by SM Entertainment when he was in 6th grade of elementary school and trained at the agency for 3 years.

He is known to have trained alongside Super Junior, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation.

Source: Dispatch


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