Here Are 13 K-Pop Groups With More Than 100 Million Streams According To Gaon

Did your favorites make the list?

Music streaming is an essential part of the K-Pop industry and reflects not only the growth of a group but the success of songs.

Gaon is the company that compiles data from all of the major Korean streaming services, including Melon and Genie. By taking data from these services, only a small handful of groups have songs that have been streamed more than 100 million times. 

Here are 13 K-Pop groups with songs that have had more than 100 million streams, according to Gaon.


As well as being one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups globally, TWICE is the K-Pop group with the most tracks with more than 100 million streams at 10. With uptempo songs such as “CHEER UP,” “Dance The Night Away,” and “Fancy,” the group continue to prove their versatility and dominance.

2. BTS

BTS has had huge success since debuting. Is it any surprise that the group has seven tracks with more than 100 million streams? Their 2021 hit “Dynamite” was the quickest track to reach that goal in only 15 days. There is no denying that the group will continue to add more songs to this list in the future.


It seems as if there is no end to BLACKPINK’s success and popularity over the years. Since debuting in 2016, the group has had five tracks with over 100 million streams, including their songs “How You Like That” and “Forever Young.”

4. Red Velvet

Over the years, Red Velvet has proved their musical diversity. With “Russian Roulette,” “Red Flavor,” and “Psycho” all reaching over 100 million streams, the group continues to gain popularity with fans. Many are anxiously waiting for their next comeback, which will no doubt also be a hit.


Known as the songbirds of K-Pop, MAMAMOO has repeatedly proven that they can release songs of any genre and be successful. The songs on this list show that they can do it all, from the nostalgic “Starry Night” to the dance anthem “HIP!”


After debuting in 2015, GFRIEND has gained a lot of love from fans with their catchy songs and unique concepts in their videos. In particular, their tracks “Me Gustas Tu” and “Rough” gained a lot of popularity and earned the group over 100 million streams.

7. Wanna One

Despite only being a group for a few years, Wanna One managed to score two tracks that had over 100 million streams. Their debut track “Energetic” and follow-up song “Beautiful” proved a hit with fans earning them this massive accomplishment.


WINNER was actually the first male K-Pop group to hit 100 million streams with their track “Really Really” in 2017. With its unique video and addictive tune, was it any surprise that the song also never left the top 100 Gaon chart leading up to the momentous achievement?

9. Oh My Girl

Even though the group debuted in 2015, it wasn’t until last year that Oh My Girl started gaining momentum and cementing their place on this list. The group achieved more than 100 million streams with two tracks released in 2020 with “Nonstop” and “Dolphin.”

10. ITZY

As the youngest group on this list, ITZY cemented their role as a force to be reckoned with in K-Pop. In particular, they gained attention for their debut track “DALLA DALLA,” which earned 100 million streams within eight months of being released in 2019.


BIGBANG are legends in K-Pop, yet the group only has two songs with more than 100 million streams. The tracks “Bang Bang Bang” and “FXXK IT” are anthems and rightly deserve the popularity they had. With G-Dragon confirmed to be writing more hits, could more tracks be added in the future?

12. BTOB

Despite being in the music industry for nearly ten years, it will surprise fans to know that BTOB has only had one song with over 100 million streams. Released in 2017, “Missing You” is an iconic song that combines amazing lyrics, beautiful vocals, and detailed storytelling.

13. iKON

When anyone mentions iKON, they immediately think of their classic 2018 track, “LOVE SCENARIO.” With its catchy tune and upbeat tempo, it is their most viewed music video and has over 100 million streams. There is no denying that many more should be on the list, but this song deserves its place on the list!

Source: KNetizen, FI and FI
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