Idols Who Attract The Most Fans To Their Group, As Chosen By Koreans

In other words, “stan attractors”.

A “stan attractor” is a term used to describe a member who attracts the most non-fans to a K-Pop group. Recently, a hot topic in Korean SNS was the idols netizens believe bring in the most new fans to a group.

Check out some of the boy and girl idols whom Koreans have chosen:


1. EXO – D.O

EXO may have already been popular, but D.O. attracted even more fans to the group because of his successful acting career. Known as one of the top idol actors, he has starred in roles such as 100 Days My Prince and My Annoying Brother.

2. BTS – V

V is well-loved for his fun 4D personality and extremely good looks. Non-fans often ask who he is when they first see a picture of BTS.

3. BTOB – Sungjae

BTOB‘s Sungjae is famous in both the acting and variety show industries. He played key roles in the hit drama Goblin and the popular reality show We Got Married.

4. WINNER – Song Mino

Mino made a name for himself through his solo appearance in Mnet‘s Show Me The Money. He gained even more love with his quirky personality in tvN‘s New Journey To The West.

5. NCT – Jungwoo

Korean fans in particular love how cheeky NCT‘s Jungwoo is. His fairy tale good looks brought many teenagers into the NCTzen fandom.


1. TWICE – Nayeon

TWICE‘s Nayeon is recognized as one of the most popular members of her group. With her cute looks and strong singing capabilities, it’s not surprising why.

2. Red Velvet – Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy is often cited as one of the sexiest (but cutest) idols in K-Pop today. Her appearance in shows like We Got Married with Sungjae gained her even more popularity.

3. BLACKPINK – Jennie

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is considered one of the most fashionable women in Korea. Aside from this, non-fans are also attracted to her well-rounded abilities as she is known to be a talented singer, rapper, and dancer.


GFRIEND’s SinB is recognized far and wide for her incredible dancing skills. People love to watch her perform on stage, where she draws attention no matter what song is being played.


Finally, JooE from MOMOLAND is one of the members who made her group stand out. Her lively and fun personality was a huge hit in the variety show world.


Source: Pann