4 Times Stylists Came Under Fire For Controversial Outfits 

#4 could have been dangerous.

Throughout the past year, there have been a few viral moments when K-Pop stylists dressed idols in controversial outfits. From dangerous shoes to overly-exposed looks, here are 4 of the outfits that made headlines.

1. Giselle (aespa)

During KAMP LA 2022,  Giselle faced some difficulties with her outfit, as she was dressed in a short skirt and a tube top. While the outfit certainly looked great, fans noticed that she seemed to be uncomfortable in it, having to constantly fix it while she was onstage.

Fans also became irritated when she had to keep going backstage to fix the situation.

However, she didn’t let it stop her from putting on a great performance!


During LE SSERAFIM’s debut showcase, fans became enraged with their exposed outfits. While the outfits appear normal offstage, netizens believe the short skirts and low-cut tops are inappropriate with the intense choreography, exposing the members’ safety shorts.

With two minors in the group at the time, many consider the outfits to be inappropriate and too revealing for the dance moves.

3. Lee Know (Stray Kids)

During “MANIAC” promotions, fans noticed that he wasn’t dancing with any of his usual power due to his uncomfortable outfit.

Throughout the performance, he continuously had to readjust various parts of his outfit.


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4. Sieun (STAYC)

After Sieun fell in improperly-sized heels, netizens blamed STAYC‘s stylists for the dangerous fashion choice.

In her press photos, the gap between her ankle and the end of the shoe show just how big the heels are on her feet.

When she tripped in front of the press, she was luckily okay. However, it could have created a very dangerous situation.