10+ Idols Who Have Grown Up All Over The World

They were world travelers even before they became idols.

Although many K-Pop idols have already traveled all over the world while on tour or promoting their music, some idols have had a little bit more experience in certain locations. While there are idols who were born and raised in places like Thailand, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States, many idols have actually spent some of their lives in different places all over the world.


1. Yugyeom (GOT7)

Even the most hardcore Yugyeom stans may not know that the maknae of GOT7 spent part of his childhood outside of South Korea…


But he did! Although he doesn’t remember it as he was so young at the time, his parents have told him stories about the time he spent in Saudi Arabia.



While everyone already knows that Rosé is Korean and grew up in Australia…


Some people might not know that she was actually born and spent some of her life in New Zealand!



Thanks to his father’s job, I.M spent much of his childhood living in Boston. But that wasn’t the only place he’s lived.


Although he doesn’t remember much of his time there, I.M has also lived in Israel.


4. CL

CL was born in Seoul but spent much of her early life in Japan and France.


CL also always attended international schools growing up…


As a result, she can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and French fluently!


5. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Ask any SONE and they’ll be able to tell you that Sunny‘s fear of loud noises came from her time spent in Kuwait.


When she was very young, she and her family lived in the country when the Gulf War broke out.


She ended up being a refugee and to this day loud noises startle her.


6. Dara (former 2NE1 member)

Dara has been crowned the “Philippine Princess” and there’s a very good reason for that!


Not only did Dara live in the Philippines for over 10 years while growing up, but she also originally made her debut there. She’s a well-loved celebrity there!


7. Yangyang (SM ROOKIES)

When SM Entertainment first introduced their newest rookies, netizens in Germany absolutely lost it because Yangyang used to live in the country.


A few weeks after the introduction he continued to pleasantly surprise his new fans with photos from Düsseldorf!


And during his introduction video, he named it as his favorite city!


8. Yoonsan (HOTSHOT)

Some people may not know that Yoonsan actually spent 8 years of his life in France and even interned in fashion design at Chanel!


9. Eugene (S.E.S)

Eugene spent some of her life living in Guam. In fact, during one episode of Superman Returns, you learn a little bit more about her family’s time there and how she might not have been able to marry her husband if one law hadn’t been changed!


10. Jung Howon (W24)

Howon from the rookie group W24 surprised a whole bunch of people when it was revealed he’s half Korean and half Chilean. Not only was he born in Chile, but he also grew up in Venezuela and Peru!


11. Jae (DAY6)

Fans know that Jae was raised in the United States but some people might not know that Jae was actually born in Argentina!


12. Tablo

Tablo has lovingly been nicknamed “Mr. Worldwide” by fans since he’s lived all over the world growing up thanks to his dad’s job. Countries he’s lived in include Indonesia, Korea, Canada, and the U.S.