5 Idols That Could Have Killed It As Variety Stars

It’s always a good episode when these idols are guests.

Some idols have personalities and humour that make them perfect for variety roles. You always know it’s going to be a good episode when these idols show up on your favourite variety show.

1. Apink Bomi

It only takes one cursory glance at Bomi’s personal YouTube channel to figure out that she radiates fun and charisma.

Her MC roles on shows such as Weekly Idol show that she already has what it takes to be a top variety host when she retires from the idol life.

2. Girl’s Generation Sooyoung

Sooyoung is a well-known variety show savant. Her appearances on Running Man are legendary.

As was her time on Saturday Night Live Korea.

With her idol career nearing its end, it may be the perfect time for Sooyoung to land a permanent variety gig where she can show off her endless wit and charisma.

3. Ong Seongwoo

Seongwoo who was most recently a part of Wanna One quickly became beloved by everyone not just for his musical talent but also for his incredible confidence on variety shows.

He quickly became known due to his appearances on Master Key where he displayed a hilarious level of confidence for someone who seems to be poor, to say the least, at the various challenges presented to him.

It’s still early in Seungwoo’s idol career but we hope to see him make a lot of appearances on variety while he promotes.

4. BTS Jin

“Worldwide handsome” Jin is an obvious candidate for variety. With an extensive history of MC’ing and his ability to make everyone around him burst out in laughter, there is no better man than Jin for the job.

He isn’t afraid to show off his goofy side and that’s one of the reasons that ARMY adore him.

5. EXID Hani

Hani is a well-known variety queen and for good reason. She shows us that you can sexy and funny.

She is well known for her time as an MC on Weekly Idol, hosting the idol segment of the show.

With rumours of EXID disbanding, is it time for Hani to go full-time as a variety legend?