EXID May Become The Latest Victim Of The 7 Year Curse

The 7 year curse may claim another victim.

UPDATE: Banana Culture has responded to the reports. Full story below:


Girl Group EXID may soon become the latest victim of the infamous 7 year curse.


According to an exclusive report, the EXID members’ contracts will be expiring starting at the end of February, and each members’ contract expires at different times. However, the report shared that the contracts all expire in 2019.


One member that was highlighted was Solji, who is now 31 (Korean Age), as it is an important time for her to determine her future in the music industry.


The members are currently deciding whether they will re-sign their contract with Banana Culture or not, however some of the members have reportedly already been in contact with other agencies.


One entertainment insider explained why the EXID members are so desirable for them to have in their agencies, and why there is so much interest in where they sign.

“Based on their public awareness, the members are good at singing, acting, and variety among other things.”

— Entertainment Insider


Banana Culture has stated that they have had some talks with the members, and they will continue talking.

“The members still have time on their contracts. We will talk with the members later in January and will continue to talk with them both before and after the Lunar New Year.”

— Banana Culture


Banana Culture has released their official statement, saying their contracts expire in May 2019.

“We will give our official position regarding EXID’s contract expiration reports in February.

Currently, EXID is signed under exclusive contract until May. They are currently scheduled for their Japanese Tour in February. We are planning to release a full album after the Japan Tour.

EXID will carry out all of their planned schedules, and we will actively discuss with the members regarding renewals at the end of January and into February.”

— Banana Culture


EXID isn’t the only popular girl group whose future has been uncertain. Girl’s Day has confirmed Sojin will not be re-signing her contract with them and the rest of the members’ contracts are also up for renewal, with reports that none of them will re-sign.

Girl’s Day Reportedly Disbanding At The End Of Their Contracts

Source: Ilgan Sports and Newsen


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