These Idols Are Known For Having Full Sleeves Of Tattoos

Their tattoos are stunning!

K-Pop idols are full of artistic vibes, but only some let out this energy through tattoos. The following idols are known for using their bodies as palettes, coming out with gorgeous tattoos all over themselves.

Check out some of the idols with full sleeves below!


First on the list is TEEN TOP‘s leader and rapper, C.A.P!

Don’t let his youthful group name fool you, he has a full sleeve of tattoos and designs all over his chest.

Black and white or in color, they all fall artistically in place on his body.

2. BLOCK B’s Taeil

Taeil may sometimes look like an innocent kid with his baby face, but his body would tell you otherwise.

He has tattoos all over his neck, arms and even on his fingers.


BONUS: Former Idol

3. Jay Park

While Jay Park is no longer in 2PM and the K-Pop industry, he was one of the first idols to go full-out with his tattoos.

He’s said to have around 35 tattoos all over!

The most painful one was an angel tattoo in the back of his head.

None of them hurt so bad to the point that I couldn’t finish or anything… until the angel on the back of my head. It was kind of the first. It hurt a lot and it was honestly the most painful one I’d gotten. I almost regretted getting it started… Once I got through that, everything else was too easy.

– Jay Park