Music Show & MV Staff Name The Top 6 Idols Who Look The Best In Real Life

The story behind #6 is 😍

Combined, music video filming and lighting specialist “Mr. A” and music show stage prop designer “Ms. B” have worked with some of the biggest stars in K-Pop—from BTS, NCT, and TXT to TWICE, IZ*ONE, and MAMAMOO. So, who better to reveal which idols look the most gorgeous in real life? These two staff members spilled their top six picks in an interview with Doyouram on YouTube.

1. Wendy (Red Velvet)

The first star on Mr. A’s list is Red Velvet’s Wendy. According to the music video videographer, Wendy is “really quite pretty”—so much so that there’s little difference between her glamorous television appearance and how she looks in real life.

| SM Entertainment

2. V (BTS)

As for the best-looking male star in real life, Mr. A says that accolade has to go to BTS’s V. “Even from a guy’s point of view,” he explained, “He looked stunning.”

| Big Hit Music

3. Jang Wonyoung

Former Produce 48 winner and IZ*ONE center Wonyoung is Ms. B’s pick for the female idol who looks best in real life. Ms. B described Wonyoung’s charming visuals as “like a doll.”

| Stone Music Entertainment

4. Byungchan (VICTON)

Choosing the best-looking male stars in real life, Ms. B named VICTON’s Byungchan. The music show stage designer revealed that while she only knew Byungchan for his cute image at first, she was surprised by his good looks in person, including how tall he was and how his image was “so different in person.”

| Play M Entertainment


Ms. B’s next pick for handsome male idols was SEVENTEEN’s Jun. She gushed over how “beautifully high” his nose is, describing it as looking almost unrealistically hand-carved.

| Pledis Entertainment

6. Beomgyu (TXT)

Ms. B had an adorable story to go with her appreciation of TXT Beomgyu’s visuals. The stage designer shared that one time on a music show, she almost bumped into Beomgyu when he suddenly stepped out of nowhere while she was working. With the TXT star right in front of her, Ms. B found herself thinking, “Wow, an entertainer.”

| Big Hit Music

She found him so “incredibly good-looking,” she knew anyone who saw him would know he was a star. In fact, she revealed that she even thought, “If someone that good-looking doesn’t become an entertainer, what else can he possibly be doing for a living?

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