These Idols Are Nothing Like Their “Celebrity Personas”, According to Fans

Two sides of the coin.

These ten idols have vastly different off-stage and onstage personas, and the differences might shock you.

1. Dahyun – TWICE

Dahyun is known for being TWICE’s energizer and variety queens, but fans have stated that off-camera, the idol is actually pretty chill and laid-back. She once did a live stream in which she played the piano, and people were finally able to see that calm side of Dahyun many have spoken about!

2. Hyojung – Oh My Girl

Hyojung is known as the happy, cutesy pill of Oh My Girl, but according to both fan and member’s accounts, she is more serious and reserved off-camera. Many who have seen the group perform live has commented that as the leader of the group, she has a commanding aura. Not in a scary or unfriendly way, but in a responsible, unnie way.

3. J-Hope – BTS

Though he’s everyone’s hope and sunshine, J-Hope is known to be wildly different off-camera. He is very meticulous with his dancing and takes it very seriously, which is why even leader RM has stated that he has a “darker’ side off-camera.

4. Tzuyu – TWICE

Tzuyu seems reserved and quiet on camera, but off-camera, both fans, and members have stated that the idol is a huge chatterbox! She has a hidden sense of humour that is hidden behind her stoic face, but people who fave met her through fan events have vouched for her beautiful character.

5. Kai – EXO

In some cases, Kai may come off as sexy and brooding, but fans agree that he’s a cute and adorable bean! Off-stage, Kai is shy and funny, a huge contrast from his fierce and powerful persona on stage.

6. Taemin – SHINee

Like Kai, Taemin comes off as sexy on stage, but he’s shy and goofy off-stage. As the maknae of SHINee, there are times where the idol makes sick burns that always shocks fans, but the idol is genuinely adorable, shy, and even a little clumsy off-stage.

7. Seungkwan – SEVENTEEN

Similar to Dahyun, Seungkwan is known for being the loud variety guy, but in reality, he’s very chill and quiet off-camera. Some fans have even joked that he uses all his energy on variety shows, so he needs to be calm off-stage to keep from going crazy!


L from INFINITE has been promoted as the “cool city guy” by Woolim Entertainment for years, but fans know that the idol is a total goofball in real life. He’s the cutest dork who does adorable aegyo, and supporters hope that they can see more of that soon.

9. Taeyong – NCT

On stage, he’s fierce and commands the whole stage. Off-stage, however, fans immediately see him shift into an adorable baby who gets shy whenever fans call him sexy! He’s down-to-earth and humble, something both international and domestic fans have vouched for numerous times.

10. Soyeon – (G)I-DLE

Soyeon from (G)I-DLE is known for being a charismatic, badass rapper but fans have commented that the idol is full of aegyo and loves teasing her members. She’s also a little shy, sometimes moving away from the camera when she isn’t prepared.

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