7 Wholesome Moments Of Idols Playing With Babies That Are Too Pure For This World

#4 is the most precious thing we’ve ever seen.

These idols’ delicate touches and big smiles let us know their love for kids is genuine, wholesome, and downright adorable. These are their cutest interactions with children and we’ve never seen anything so pure.

1. V (BTS)

V‘s expression changes completely when he sees the adorable little boy.

He gently places the headband on him like a loving father…

…and accepts it back lovingly when the kid doesn’t want to wear it.

He gives him a little pat before sending him on his way.

The endearing way V watches him leave lets you know just how much he loves children.

2. Kai (SuperM)

Kai teases the boy by bringing the ssam near the little boy’s mouth!

The boy starts to go “Aaaaahhhh~” while getting louder and louder. It’s too adorable for Kai to resist.

He ends up giving him the ssam in the most adorable way possible.

3. Jihyo (TWICE)

The way Jihyo leans over the table to whisper to the little fan might be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week.

She pats him on the head while she talks to him. You can tell how sincere she is through her loving touch.

4. Baekhyun and Chanyeol (SuperM/EXO)

Baekhyun shows the baby how to do a finger gun.

Chanyeol puts on the performance of his life, collapsing after being “shot.” The other children join in on the fun, too.

5. Hyerin (EXID)

As Hyerin is distracted, the little girl becomes rambunctious and flings her toy around.

Poor Hyerin is caught in the crossfire…

…but she laughs it off immediately! A true professional.

She tells the girl it’s okay. After all, it made for some cute content.

6. Bobby (iKON)

Bobby asks rapper Tablo’s daughter Haru if she prefers G-Dragon or himself.

When she picks him in the end, his reaction is priceless!

7. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Haru makes her previous choice clear when she rejects G-Dragon‘s greeting.

She has other plans in mind and gives him a little fist bump instead!

G-Dragon accepts, of course. It’s only the cutest gesture we’ve ever seen.

He gets greedy and goes in for the kiss, to which she responds “You should go sing.” Haru is one blunt girl.

Eventually, she caves and gives him a kiss. Awwww.

Source: YouTube