Here Are The Top 15 Idols Who Can Produce, Compose, and Write Lyrics, According To Fans

They can do it all!

Ranked by fans, these idols aren’t just talented performers — They’re just as talented behind the scenes! Check out the top 15 who dominate the world of producing, composing, and lyric writing.

15. Sunmi — 250 votes

Ever since her days in Wonder Girls, Sunmi often takes part in writing and producing her own music.

14. Lee Chanhyuk (Akdong Musicians) — 283 votes

Chanhyuk has shown his skills in lyric writing and producing ever since he debuted as part of Akdong Musicians.

13. Song Mino (WINNER) — 316 votes

Mino’s solo album XX was written and produced entirely by himself.

12. Woozi (SEVENTEEN) — 347 votes

Woozi is known for his work composing and producing many of SEVENTEEN’s hits.

11. Hui (Pentagon) — 426 votes

Hui has produced many songs as part of Pentagon since he debuted in 2016.

10. Soyeon [(G)I-DLE] — 522 votes

Soyeon has written lyrics and arranged most of (G)I-DLE’s songs, and has done so for other artists, as well.

9. Zico — 748 votes

Zico didn’t originally plan on being a producer, but when he tried it out, he realized he was seriously talented at it!

8. G-Dragon — 923 votes

G-Dragon has just about every title imaginable, from songwriter and composer to record producer and entrepreneur!

7. Baekho (NU’EST) — 2093 votes

Baekho went from setting a goal to write a song for NU’EST to eventually become a music producer for NU’EST’s albums and writing songs for other artists!

6. IU — 2774 votes

IU has been credited for writing over fifty songs over the course of her career.

5. Daehwi (AB6IX) — 6932 votes

When he was only a teenager, Daehwi was already learning the ins-and-outs of music producing and son writer under Brand New Music Entertainment.

4. RM (BTS) — 8441 votes

From BTS’s music to his own mixtapes, RM is well-versed in the world of self-producing.

3. Young Tak — 19,485 votes

Solo singer Young Tak is both a songwriter and producer for much of his own music.

2. Suga (BTS) — 38,614 votes

Suga received over 28% of votes from fans for his work as a producer and songwriter.

1. V (BTS) — 53,448 votes

V received 1st place and 39% of fan’s votes. From the melodic “Blue & Grey” off of BTS’s latest album BE to his various solo songs including “Winter Bear,” V has proved his talent as both a performer and a producer.

Source: Star News