Idols Recreating Their Childhood Pics Is The Cutest Thing Ever — Here Are 9+ Receipts, Your Honor

From BTS’s V to Red Velvet’s Irene, these recreated pictures are simply adorable.

Childhood memories are precious, and when our favorite idols take a trip down memory lane by recreating their childhood photos, it’s an overload of cuteness. From BTS‘s V strolling down memory lane in his hometown to Red Velvet‘s Irene bringing nostalgia to the “Red Flavor” music video, these idols have given us heartwarming moments.

Here are 9+ instances where idols recreated their childhood pics, leaving fans delighted and swooning.

BTS’s Jungkook recreating one of his childhood pictures. | @comma_bts/Twitter

1. BTS’s V

V took fans on a journey through time when he visited his hometown, Daegu, and recreated a precious childhood moment in the same exact spot. The resemblance between the two photos was uncanny, showcasing his love for his roots.

2. BTS’s Jungkook

During a variety show, Jungkook melted hearts when he recreated an adorable childhood photo, capturing his innocent charm and reminding us of the cute little boy he once was.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

At a fan signing event, Mingyu surprised fans by recreating a cherished childhood picture. His playful smile and endearing gestures made everyone fall in love with him all over again.

4. TWICE’s Dahyun

In a delightful gesture, Dahyun shared a childhood photo on Instagram, side by side with her recreation. Her fans were amazed by the work Dahyun had put in to recreate the picture, matching her outfit down to the hat and adorable red cardigan.

5. TXT’s Heuning Kai

Huening Kai showcased his adorable side by recreating a childhood photo, unveiling his transformation from a cherubic child to a talented idol. Fans couldn’t help but swoon over his precious smile and hilarious pose.

6. ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki

Ni-Ki captured hearts when he recreated a childhood photo, highlighting his growth and maturity since his debut. Fans praised his dedication and were captivated by his undeniable charm.

7. NCT Dream

During one of their entertaining variety shows, the members of NCT Dream recreated their childhood pictures, eliciting laughter and nostalgia from both the members and the fans. It was a heartwarming moment that showcased their deep bond and shared memories.

8. EXO’s Kai

Kai surprised a lucky fan during a video call by recreating a childhood picture, displaying his playful and affectionate side. The fan was undoubtedly overjoyed to witness this heartwarming moment firsthand.

9. NCT’s Yuta

Yuta warmed the hearts of his fans when he recreated a childhood photo during a fan video call. His genuine smile and resemblance to his younger self melted hearts, leaving an indelible memory for the lucky fan.

10. Red Velvet’s Irene

In the iconic “Red Flavor” music video, Irene recreated a childhood picture, embracing her youthful innocence and radiating pure joy. Fans couldn’t help but adore her timeless beauty and the nostalgic touch she added to the music video.

Irene in”Red Flavor” music video | SMTOWN/YouTube
Irene’s childhood picture shown during the music video | SMTOWN/YouTube

These adorable instances of idols recreating their childhood pictures serve as a testament to their enduring connection with their fans. Through these heartwarming moments, idols not only bring back cherished memories but also create new ones, leaving a lasting impression on all those who support and adore them.

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