6 Idols Who Got Upstaged By Their Awesome Siblings

These 6 idols have siblings who are just as amazing as they are.

These lovable idols are the center of attention when they’re performing, but there are times when their hilarious siblings have upstaged them off-stage!


1. Jeongyeon (TWICE) and her sister Gong Seungyeon

Jeongyeon and Sana once appeared on the radio show Starry Night with Jeongyeon’s older sister, actress Gong Seungyeon. During the show, Gong Seungyeon stole hearts when she said she wanted to adopt Sana as her sister, and give her birthday kisses.


2. Yoon Jisung (formerly of Wanna One) and his younger sister

Whenever Yoon Jisung called his sister on Produce 101, her sassy personality stole the show. Even though she didn’t appear in person, she still managed to make her brother…

…break down in embarrassment!


3. Amber [f(x)] and her sister

f(x)‘s Amber and her sister Jackie did a Q&A video about their relationship, and let’s just say the As to the Qs weren’t exactly sugar-coated. Jackie revealed hilarious details about Amber with equal parts sass and brutal honesty.

“She shakes her ass on the internet for money.”

— Jackie


4. Henry (formerly of Super Junior M) and his sister

Henry‘s playful sister had tons of fun teasing him during a broadcast. While they were Facetiming, Henry’s sister was asked if she had seen one of Henry’s alleged girlfriends.

She said that she hadn’t seen one; she’d seen many! Henry’s reaction was priceless.


5. Eric Nam and his brothers

When Eric Nam’s brothers called into After School Club, he gave them nothing but attitude. It started right at the beginning of their call. Eric Nam ended up losing his cool and shouted “I never asked you!” when his brother went ahead and introduced himself to viewers.


6. Hani (EXID) and her brother

Hani‘s mild-mannered brother made viewers crack up when he told Hani, in a roundabout way, that her feet stink!