f(x) Amber’s Brutally Honest Sister Dishes On Their Sibling Drama

They love each other. Sort of.

f(x)‘s Amber and her sister Jackie did a Q&A video about their relationship, and let’s just say the As to the Qs weren’t exactly sugar-coated.


These down to earth sisters love to keep it real, so it’s no surprise that they answered fans’ questions with brutal honesty on Amber’s YouTube show, What the Pineapple?.

Jackie: I think Amber’s greatest strength is that she’s manipulative because she’s cute.

Amber: Okay, I’ll take that.


They started off the Q&A by talking about the moments when they were most proud of each other. At first, nothing came to Jackie’s mind, but then she jokingly revealed that Amber’s ordinary accomplishments make her most proud.

“Every time she comes home and she has new underwear on. Every time she takes a shower. Every time she washes her hands after she pees.” — Jackie


Joking aside though, she’s proud of her multi-talented sister for teaching herself new skills.

“I’m proud of how multi-talented you are.” — Jackie


Skills like editing, songwriting…and “being a stripper”.

“She shakes her ass on the internet for money.” — Jackie


The sisters also dished on what they find the most annoying about each other. Growing up, Amber’s constant singing drove Jackie crazy. This may surprise fans, who have emptied their wallets to hear Amber sing in person!

“They would just f**king sing, and I was like ‘shut the f**k up’!” — Jackie


Amber didn’t hold back when answering this question either. Her pet peeve? Jackie’s constant nakedness!

“Jackie is always naked, wherever she goes in the house! I already had a tiring day, I don’t want to deal with anybody’s stuff, and I come home and your stuff is just hanging out there.” — Amber


When asked what it’s like to be Amber’s sister, Jackie summed up the experience eloquently.

“It’s so f**king annoying.” — Jackie


Amber indicated that Jackie is equally annoying though because she’ll call Amber up at work just to find out the whereabouts of Amber’s adorable dog.

” ‘Give me Jack Jack’. Where’s Jack Jack?’ .” — Amber


Like all sisters, Jackie and Amber have had their share of fights, but according to Jackie the dumbest one happened because of Pocahontas. As a kid, Amber had received a bunch of movie merch that made Jackie jealous.

“I was so jealous! I threw a fit.” — Jackie


To learn more about these awesome siblings, check out the full video here. Spoiler alert: They basically just sass each other for 10 minutes straight.