Here Are The Top 16 “Snow Fairy” Idols, Ranked By Fans

They’re as pure and fair as they come.

These K-Pop idols go well with pure white snow and embody winter’s beauty. Check out the top 16 idols who were ranked by fans in a poll called “Which star goes with pure, white snow?” by!

16. Soul (P1Harmony) — 35 votes

Soul’s cold visuals remind fans of a mysterious winter night.


15. Hongjoon (ATEEZ) — 92 votes

Hongjoong’s sweet and gentle aura is reminiscent of snow.

14. Dita (Secret Number) — 100 votes

Dita’s beautiful eyes make it obvious why fans think she’s a snow fairy. They sparkle like ice!

13. Junkyu (TREASURE) — 101 votes

Junkyu’s fair skin and soft visuals match a gentle winter snow.


12. Lucas (NCT) — 175 votes

Lucas was made for the winter season and looks perfect in coats, sweaters, and more.


11. Hynn — 192 votes

Hynn’s gorgeous visuals are like a snow queen.

| @hynn_01/Instagram

10. Taemin (SHINee) — 310 votes

Taemin may be a summer baby, but he looks his best amidst the gorgeous winter season.


9. Chuu (LOONA) — 593 votes

Chuu resembles a winter fairytale protagonist.


8. Jung Dongha — 690 votes

Singer Jung Dongha suits a gorgeous knit sweater.

| iMBC
| Veritas

7. Nam Dohyun (BAE173) — 1,003 votes

Dohyun’s baby-like visuals are as pure as snow!

6. IU — 1,396 votes

IU embodies a snow princess, especially in her stunning gowns.

5. Nayeon (TWICE) — 1,587 votes

Nayeon is TWICE’s snow angel.


4. Jang Gyuri (fromis_9) — 1,970 votes

Gyuri’s soft visuals match the winter season.

3. Park Woojin (AB6IX) — 5,405 votes

In the wintertime, Woojin transforms into a snow tiger.

2. Jang Minho — 11,281 votes

Singer Jang Minho received 28% of the votes, and his cool aura makes him a great choice.

1. Suga (BTS) — 14,801 votes

Suga accumulated 37% of the total votes for his pure-as-snow visuals!


Source: Daum and Idol Chart