These Are 9 Idols With Stage Names That Netizens Refuse To Use

“I’m not calling people a letter.”

Recently, netizens debated whether it’s okay to call their favorite K-Pop idols by their government names. Though some answers were divided, here are 9 idols that many fans refuse to call by their stage name.

1. EXO’s D.O.

D.O. is called by his actual name, Kyungsoo, by many fans that think the stage name is too simple.

D.O. | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

2. BTS’s V

For many fans, single letter names are unnatural. Because of this, V is often called by his real name, Taehyung.

V | GQ Korea

3. Stray Kids’ I.N

Fans also usually call I.N by his government name, Jeongin.

I.N | JYP Entertainment

4. B.I.

Many B.I fans prefer to call him by his actual name, Hanbin, stating that the former is awkward to say.

B.I. | @shxxbi131/Instagram

5. VIXX’s N

It seems that many netizens don’t like stage names that are just one letter. N ends up being referred to as Hakyeon the majority of the time.

N | @achahakyeon/Instagram


For many, it is easier to call by his government name, Changmin.

Q | @1stlookofficial/Twitter


One fan joked that no one even knows the stage name I.M, as so many people call him by his real name, Changkyun.

I.M | Cosmopolitan Korea

8. BTS’s Suga

Unless speaking to someone who doesn’t know who he is, many fans prefer to call Suga by his real name, Yoongi.

Suga | GQ Korea


Perhaps drawing the most passionate responses was The8. Many netizens can’t get on board with the name and instead refer to him as Minghao, his actual name.

The8 | Pledis

Most netizens agreed that the use of stage names versus government names is decided on a case by case basis. What names do you prefer?

Source: Twitter