Here Are 3 Idols-Turned-Actresses Who Are Legendary Commercial Models

They’re at the top!

Only a select number of people have gained the status of “legendary” in the entertainment industry, and these three celebrities are among them! Considering the sheer number of brands they endorse, it’s no wonder they’re widely recognized and loved by the public.


In no particular order, here are the three idols-turned-actresses who are queens of commercials!

1. Suzy (Miss A)

Originally debuting in JYP Entertainment girl group Miss A, Suzy parted ways with the company in 2019. For many years, she has been building a successful career as an actress, with her most recent hit being business drama Start-Up.

Her popularity is probably best seen in the number of brands that choose her as their model. From hair and makeup to chicken and soju, Suzy has endorsed all kinds of products.

It’s no wonder she’s often hailed as one of the biggest commercial queens in the industry!

2. YoonA (Girls’ Generation)

Next up on the list is none other than YoonA from top girl group Girls’ Generation. Through the years, YoonA has become popular for her goddess-like beauty and lovable personality.

Her ever-increasing number of solo projects has cemented her title as a top commercial model. She’s an icon all on her own!

3. IU

Last but not the least, unlike the other celebrities on the list, IU still has an active career as a singer while maintaining her status as an A-list actress. Famous for her pure and fresh visuals as well as her talent and kindheartedness, she naturally grew to become a popular brand endorser.

With her unmatched popularity and bright personality, the title “Nation’s Little Sister” couldn’t have matched anyone more!

Source: theqoo
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