iKON’s Bobby’s Top 10 Sexiest Hairstyles

How can so many hairstyles suit one person?!

As a charismatic rapper of iKONBobby has had many sexy hairstyles. From vibrant colors to the “wet look,” there isn’t much he hasn’t conquered yet…and he looks incredible while doing it.

1. Swept back

This sexy fade and swept back wet hair feels like it came straight out of our imaginations, and we’re grateful it existed.

2. Half and half

Bobby’s half-platinum-blonde half-pitch-black ‘do makes him look like the hottest Cruella de Vil we’ve ever seen.

3. Schoolboy

Sometimes simple is the way to go, and this natural look tugs at our heartstrings.

4. Faux Hawk

Bobby’s strong eyebrows and smoldering glare are complimented immensely by his sexy faux hawk (Warning: This gif is not for the faint of heart).

5. Ponytail

During practice, a ponytail is a perfect no-fuss option for him. But for iKONICs, it’s actual eye candy.

6. Purple

This list would be incomplete without a mention of Bobby’s purple hair from the appropriately named “죽겠다(KILLING ME)” MV.

7. Perm

Bobby’s blonde perm with dark roots from his DAZED KOREA spread elevated not only his fluffiness, but also his sex appeal.

8. Neat and tidy

Bobby’s voluminous jet black hair pushed up off his forehead screams “boyfriend material.”

9. Tousled

An unkempt ‘do like this compliments his bad boy persona as he peeks through the strands hanging in his eyes.

10. Headband

This swaggy look keeps the rapper’s handsome face exposed, just how we like it.