7 Lyrics Written By iKON’s Bobby That Prove He Will Be The Most Romantic Husband Ever

Bobby’s partner is one “Lucky Woman!”

iKON‘s Bobby has recently announced his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend who he is expecting his first child with. While some fans may be surprised at the wedding bells in Bobby’s future, long-time iKONICs will know just how romantic the rapper can be. Here are 7 solo lyrics written by Bobby himself that prove just how sweet of a husband he’ll be!

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1. “In Love”

From his first solo album Love And Fall, this is a classic love song that might surprise some casual fans of the rapper. With a chorus that keeps repeating “Baby I’m in love” and sweet lyrics like the ones below, Bobby’s future wife will surely be serenaded.

“사랑해(I LOVE YOU)” | iKON/YouTube 

I’ll hold onto you
When you’re about to collapse
I’ll be your shoulder
So you can rest
I’ll walk with you
When no one’s there
I won’t let go of your hand
I’ll keep telling you
Baby I’m in love with [you]

— Bobby

2. “Lean On Me”

Another song from his 2017 album, Love and Fall, this song ends the album with a passionate, promise to support his partner. Lyrics like the ones below give us confidence that Bobby will make a supportive husband.

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You make me happy
I wish I could make you happy too
If only I can make you smile
I’d be satisfied with my life

— Bobby


This song from Bobby’s most recent solo album, Lucky Man, makes the comparison between the girl he loves and the lilac flower. He describes how her scent and beauty overwhelm him, similar to the flower.

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Yeah you’re one of a kind, one in a billion
Astronomically beautiful
You stole my heart
Your intoxicated voice, I love it
I want you when your hand touches my body
Your scent, you killing me
Half you, half-moon
All the love I’ve ever had, that ain’t true love
You feeling me?
Shawty, my lilac

— Bobby

4. “GOrGeOuS”

Like the last song, these next few songs are from his 2021 Lucky Man album, including this spicy track where Bobby gets very descriptive about just how “Gorgeous” the girl in the song is to him.

“오늘 모해(#WYD)” | iKON/YouTube

Girl you got me all freaked up
I need you in my life and I can never get enough
Can’t get enough, just can’t get enough
Your gorgeous figure mesmerizes me
You don’t even have to try

— Bobby

5. “Ur SOUL Ur BodY”

This duet with fellow iKON member DK focuses on how beautiful he finds the girl both inside and out. The lyrics are “sweet nothings” that speak to loving someone on more than just the surface level.

| aijayou/YouTube

You know when you smile, when you call me
The whole world becomes romantic, my kaleidoscope
Everything so beautiful
As long as you’re with me, it’s okay if everything is a lie
Your soul, your body, they’re perfect to me
As long as I’m happy I’ll tell ’em to shut up
Shawty, one of a kind
My baby, baby, you’re my first love
When I think of you, the lights go out
and the Milky Way flows right into the room
All this is your charm, there isn’t anyone luckier than me
Spending all night talking to you, your soul is so sexy
I’ll tell you all the places that make me go crazy

— Bobby

6. “U MAD”

When thinking of romantic Bobby lyrics, this song probably isn’t the first one to come to your mind as it exudes that classic Bobby swagger. What you might’ve missed is his subtle brag that while he may be able to get the ladies, he already has what he needs.

“U MAD” | Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Gangbuk represent, playboy
Ladies love cool boys
Taking away your girlfriends’ hearts
but I don’t need them

— Bobby

7. “In THE DaRk”

The last song on this list is a song filled with longing for the girl he wants to be with. The sweetest part of this song is the promise Bobby makes to “be there for the rest of your life” which might mirror the words he’ll be saying in the coming month.

| ALL THE K-POP/YouTube 

‘Cause you are [an] angel
Dive in with me, this dawn
Tour my room with me
I’m defying gravity when I’m filled with you
Thinking of you, I could reach the moon
Please know that I like you
I just want to be there for the rest of your life

— Bobby

Had you noticed any of these lyrics before? Which of these lyrics makes your heart flutter the most? Let us know and to see why Bobby will make an excellent father, check out the list below:

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