What Type Of Boyfriend Would iKON Be Based On Their Instagram Posts

They are the definition of boyfriend material.

The members of iKON have Instagram accounts that are loaded with boyfriend material. One scroll through their feeds and it’s hard not to imagine what your date would be like with them. From scenic backgrounds, to mirror selfies and OOTD’s, we can’t help but swoon. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of what type of boyfriend the members would be based on their individual posting style.

1. Jay – The Adventurous Boyfriend

Jay’s pictures are often colorful and display him as the main character. He appears in various aesthetic locations, which makes us believe as a boyfriend, he would love to travel to different areas with you to take pictures.

His bright fashion sense is cool and eclectic, and contrasts nicely with any scenic background.

2. DK – The Chic Boyfriend

DK’s pictures are the definition of swag. From his fits to his poses, he makes it look so effortless. He would be the type of boyfriend to make it look like he took this pictures on a whim, but in reality, he spent a lot of time planning exactly how to make it perfect to impress you.

He would always show you what he’s up to during the day, even if you couldn’t be together.

3. Bobby – The Cozy Boyfriend

Bobby’s feed is full of casual, real-life pics that are incredibly endearing. He’s seen doing all sorts of things such as eating pizza, hanging with family members, and lounging in bed with messy hair. He makes it easy to imagine a night in curled up on the couch together and watching some Netflix.

His close-up selfies are the last thing he would send you before you go to sleep.

4. Ju-Ne – The Sexy Boyfriend

Ju-Ne’s pictures are masculinity at it’s finest. He poses well in his polished outfits and pushed back hairstyle. As a boyfriend, he would encourage you to cling to his arm at any events you’re attending to let others know you’re his.

When you couldn’t be together, these pictures he would send you during the day would serve as a good reminder where your heart belongs.

5. Chan – The “Boy-Next-Door” Boyfriend

Chan’s feed is full of pastel colors and casual schoolboy looks. As a boyfriend, he would be a soft lover. He has a keen eye for detail, so he would pay extra attention to you and make sure he’s doing all he can to make you happy.

His cute poses are telling of his sweet side, and he would probably pull you in to take a picture with him.

6. Song – The Artistic Boyfriend

Song’s pictures are full of creative filters and unique angles. His artistic view of the world would make him an interesting and intellectual boyfriend. He would probably rather be your photographer than be in front of the camera himself.

He would love to do activities like photo booths to remember your time together.

You can follow the boys on IG below.

Jinhwan – gnani_____

Donghyuk – _dong_ii

Bobby – bobbyindaeyo

Junhoe – juneeeeeeya

Chanwoo – chan_w000

Yunhyeong – sssong_yh