12 Savage Moments From iKON’s “Maknae On Top” Chanwoo

He gave Jinhwan no mercy in #3.

Chanwoo of iKON is often referred to as a “maknae on top,” meaning he’s not your typical youngest member of the group. He’s not afraid to be feisty and often has the other members listening to him. Here are 12 times Chanwoo’s rebellion proved his savageness.

1. Verbally provoking Jinhwan on a live broadcast, then backpedaling with a hug.


2. Putting too much force into his snowball throw.

3. That time he drew Jinhwan with a height of 13 cm.

4. No shame in going against the leader.


5. He didn’t even try to fool this lie detector test.

6. Coming for Bobby’s neck. #JustMaknaeThings

7. Add Yunhyeong to that list.

8. As a matter of fact, all of the members reveal their feelings for the savage boy.




9. The physical attacks begin, starting with Jinhwan.

10. On stage, he’s not afraid to push his self-proclaimed twin Yunhyeong around.

11. And, once again, he just loves messing with Bobby.

12. Oh, now it makes sense.