Literally 16 Times iKON Didn’t Give A F*ck About Personal Space

Yunhyeong got feisty in #5.

When it comes to iKON‘s hilarious chaos, there’s never a dull moment. These boys love each other like brothers…and that includes hardcore snuggles. It’s adorable to watch, and sometimes absolutely hysterical. Check out these moments they didn’t know what personal boundaries were.

1. Jinhwan was trying to vlog, but Bobby was a little too close for comfort.

2. Jinhwan has a sudden urge to close in on Junhoe.

3. …And of course, Junhoe got his revenge.

4. Donghyuk is close enough to be whispering sweet nothings into Yunhyeong’s ear.

5. Yunhyeong was in a headlock, so naturally he went for Chanwoo’s tummy.

6. But the Chanwoo and Yunhyeong drama doesn’t stop there.

7. Jinhwan was a little too excited to be buy B.I’s gift during their game of secret santa.

8. Yunhyeong resembles a koala hanging on Donghyuk and it’s so precious.

9. B.I and Bobby rode a bike for one…simultaneously.

10. Yunhyeong’s giddy smile will clear your skin, give you good grades, and make your crops flourish.

11. Triple B sends us. From B.I harassing Bobby, to Jinhwan casually using his phone on B.I’s back, we can’t even.

12. These boys + dorm snuggling = perfection.

13. That time B.I and Jinhwan did…this.

14. When Donghyuk needed support, his bros were there.

15. More couch madness for your entertainment.


16. They might not know what personal space is, but they sure know what love is.