Here Are The Top 20+ Sexiest Moments Of iKON To Satisfy Your Thirst

Try not to fangirl challenge.

The boys of iKON give off a certain manly vibe that is irresistible. Try to scroll through 20+ of their hottest moments without totally losing your mind. WARNING: Grab your inhaler and a bottle of water…things may get intense.

1. The man you are today, Bobby.

2. Sweaty Ju-ne? Yes, please.

3. Suddenly, a wild DK appears.

4. Don’t let Song’s baby face fool you.

5. S.O.S. 💦

6. Jay’s tongue should be outlawed.

7. Someone get this man a sweat towel.

8. Calvin Klein’s new model is here.

9. This is what passion looks like.

10. His tucked in shirt. (Brb, screaming.)

11. A little man cleavage never hurt anybody.

12. Quick question: Can a bias somehow bias-wreck you?

13. Such a beautiful man.

14. I wasn’t ready.

15. CONFIRMED: Eye contact is deadly.

16. That piece of shoulder showing. *chef’s kiss*

17. Mom, I love him.

18. King of silver hair.

19. The power he holds.

20. ENOUGH with the lip biting (Translation: Continue, please).

21. The text on his shirt is surprisingly accurate.

22. Is this allowed?!

23. I saw a man so beautiful, I cried.

24. We have decided to stan for life.

25. DK IN SHADES. Enough said.

26. Suspenders give Jay magical powers.

27. Daaaaaamn.

28. Chan even looks sexy drinking water.