Here Are 5 Of iKON Song’s Mouthwatering Recipes You MUST Try

#3 looks absolutely delicious.

Song of iKON has a passion for cooking and an even bigger passion to share his recipes with fans. Here are 5 of his most delicious recipes that fans are going crazy for.

1. Egg Soufflé

Song makes his egg soufflé by whisking it over 1000 times! This creates ultimate fluffiness.

If you want to know what it feels like to eat after working hard, you should give it a go. You will not be disappointed.

— Song

I think you can make this egg-based dish as a dessert or even as a meal … Please try this challenge yourself when you have nothing to do at home.

— Song

2. Mianbosha

Song says Mianbosha is easy to make since the ingredients are quite simple and can be found at your local convenience store.

He explains mianbosha is like a Chinese fried sandwich and he’s loved it ever since trying it with fellow iKON member Jay.

Chef Song-style mianbosha with beer is what I would call perfection, so do not forget to grab your beer as well!

— Song

3. Ram-Don

I made Jjapaguri (a.k.a Ram-Don) from the movie ‘PARASITE’ that is highly enjoyed by people all around the world!

— Song

Song suggests eating your Ram-Don with green onion kimchi.

4. Pizza with Korean Stir-Fry Spicy Pork

Song was inspired to create this unique recipe for the Korean pallette. It’s not uncommon for bizarre pizza combinations to be popular in Korea, so his recipe is pretty cool!

I decided to make this pizza because I wanted to go for something that Koreans would love.

— Song

5. Rice Balls And Korean Seaweed Chips

Song says his unique style of rice balls will never disappoint you. Combine this with the popular drinking snack of Korean seaweed chips and you have an incredible meal!

Try making it if you’re going for a picnic!

— Song