These Are All The Winners Of Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) 2022

Congratulations to all of the winners!

The 2022 Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC), hosted by Jun HyunmooTWICE‘s Dahyun, and FTISLAND‘s Hongki, was aired over the last weekend after being filmed on July 31 and August 1 earlier this year. It was an exciting comeback for the sporting event after a couple years without it due to COVID, and dozens of different K-Pop artists participated! With the event complete, the official winners for the different categories have been announced, so here are all of the top-placing artists!

1. Archery


Gold: NCT

Silver: ATEEZ


Gold: Brave Girls

Silver: Jo Yuri, Choi Yena, & Park Hyewon

2. Dance Sports


1st place: Intak (P1Harmony)

2nd place: Donghan (WEi)

3rd place: Eunsang (YOUNITE)

4th place: Jaechan (DKZ)


1st place: Xiaoting (Kep1er)

2nd place: Tsuki (Billlie)

3rd place: Kwon Eunbi

4th place: Sullyoon (NMIXX)

3. e-Sports

Solo Game

Gold medal: LEW (TEMPEST)

Duo Game

Gold medal: Bic & Huijun (MCND)

Team/Squad Game

Gold medal: YOUNITE

4. 60m Track


1st place: May (Cherry Bullet)

2nd place: Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)

3rd place: Goeun (PURPLE KISS)

4th place: Monday (Weeekly)

5th place: Huiyeon (LIGHTSUM)

6th place: Hwiseo (H1-KEY)


1st place: Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

2nd place: D1 (DKB)

3rd place: Seunghun (CIX)

4th place: Soul (P1Harmony)

5th place: Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

6th place: Eunchan (TEMPEST)

5. 400m Relay


1st place: Weeekly

2nd place: Rocket Punch

3rd place: NMIXX

4th place: Brave Girls


1st place: ATEEZ

2nd place: VERIVERY

3rd place: P1Harmony

4th place: DKZ

6. Futsal


Kim Jaehwan

Winning Team

White team (Kim Jaehwan (captain), Ha Sungwoon, Taehoon (TAN), D1 (DKB), Louis (KINGDOM), Minjae (MCND), Dongyun (DRIPPIN), Kyungyoon (DKZ))

Losing Team

Blue team (WOODZ (captain), Seoho (ONEUS), Eunchan (TEMPEST), Hyunseung (YOUNITE), Junmin (ATBO), Jeong Sewoon, Seunghun (CIX), Yongseung (VERIVERY), Yohan (WEi))