10+ Times ITZY Proved They Didn’t Come To Play With Their “2021 MAMA” Performance

They were on fire!

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is one of the biggest year-end award shows in K-Pop. Groups bring out their A-Games with their solo performances and collaborations. ITZY, for instance, made headlines for their incredible 7-minute show.

Check out some of the best parts below!

1. When Yuna looked straight at the camera

None of us could look away!

2. When Yuna was full of confidence

This concept matches her perfectly.

3. When Ryujin was an inspector

Her acting? Chef’s kiss.

4. When Ryujin was a stuntwoman

There’s a reason she trended on Twitter as soon as she performed.

5. When Chaeryeong pole danced

Sexy concepts are easy as pie for her.

6. When Lia strutted across the stage

She owned the stage and she knew it.

7. When Ryujin and Yeji teamed up

Ryujin’s smirk and Yeji’s flexibility were a lethal combination.

8. When Ryujin shot Yeji

Yeji was the leader of the “kitties,” ITZY, and thus Ryujin’s target. The intensity was there.

9. When Yeji reacted like this

Yeji’s expressions? On point.

10. When Ryujin started “In the morning”

When Ryujin sang, “Guess who loves you?” we felt that.

11. When they killed it with their dance break

Everyone in ITZY is a lead dancer.

12. When their synchronization was perfect

Their dancing is always something to look forward to.

13. BONUS: When they went on the red carpet

Finally, TZY’s red carpet entrance was a great treat for fans as well. From the clothes which showed off their individual styles to their poses, they were full of star quality!

Source: YouTube