Here Are The Best Artists In ITZY, As Ranked By Their Own Staff Members

They were ranked from 1st to 5th.

No one can deny that all the members in ITZY are capable artists. Performing onstage is the nature of their jobs, and they do it perfectly!


But besides singing, dancing, and rapping, how are their art skills in the more traditional sense of the word? Well, fans got to find out in the first episode of Codename ITZY 2.

Here, they were tasked with making an artwork with supplies they randomly chose. They all followed a fairytale theme that made it into the subjects of their artworks in one way or another. Staff members then ranked the best artworks—and thus artists—in order.

Check them out below!

Fifth Place: Lia

First up, in fifth place was none other than Lia. She was tasked with turning ripped paper and glue into an eye-catching artwork. Her subject was simple but memorable: the apple from Snow White.

If I were to be in a fairytale, I’d like to be the mysterious poison apple in Snow White and be the main object.

— Lia

Despite the clean result, she only had a few pink papers or votes, leading her to pout in the end.

She still accepted her prize gratefully, and her members were full of praise. They said that it was “great work because she did all that with paper, one by one.”

Yuna: Great work!

Ryujin: This is crazy. She worked really hard.

Third Place: Ryujin and Yeji

Tied in third place were Ryujin and Yeji. The former made a drawing of a cat with oil pastels. She based it off the iconic character from Alice in Wonderland.

Whenever I saw Cheshire, I was always so jealous. I felt like it always had the answer when asked for directions in Alice in Wonderland.

— Ryujin

Its distinct character left a big impression on Ryujin.

[It said] ‘Any road will take you there.’ It was that kind of character, right? I drew this because I want to be a Cheshire cat.

— Ryujin

Cheshire Cat | Disney

Yeji, meanwhile, made a cute drawing of a princess using markers.

The title is ‘AM I PRINCESS?’ When do you usually think, ‘If I were a princess…?’ You don’t do it after you grow up. Right now I’m thinking like a child going back to my innocent days.

— Yeji

With a fresh perspective, she drew the kind of princess she wished to be when she was younger.

Second Place: Chaeryeong

Next up, second place belonged to Chaeryeong! She was the only one who made a watercolor painting about where she’d live if she were a princess.

If I became the main character in a fairytale, I thought this kind of environment would suit me well so I drew a house.

— Chaeryeong

Some of the notes left on her artwork read, “[The piece is] realistic realism,” “Hope your house prices rise,” and “Ryeongchae is the most fairytale-like!” 

First Place: Yuna

Finally, Yuna was named the best artist in ITZY by their staff! She was challenged to use traditional art materials of ink and a brush. Though it wasn’t easy, she successfully made a landscape of a mountain and road.


The staff loved her final piece, saying, “Yuna’s drawing is so artistic,” and “This makes my heart [tingle].”

One thing’s for sure, everyone in ITZY is artistic!

To see ITZY’s full process, check out the video below.

Source: YouTube