Here Are The Top 18 Times ITZY Owned The Red Carpet With Their Bold Fashion

They slay every event.

ITZY always sports unique and vibrant outfits at every event that turns fans’ heads. Here are the top 18 times their fashion was on point as they walked down the red carpet!

18. Emerald and gold glitter were great choices for accent colors.

17. This punk and edgy look made them stand out!

16. Each girl has a different vibrant color, but they all work together.

15. These white blazer dresses are fierce AF.

14. Geometric patterns and crazy colors, galore!

13. Each girl’s outfit slays individually, and when they come together, they look even better.

12. Metallic clothes gives them a cool futuristic aesthetic.

11. They sparkle like the night sky in tons of glittery pieces.

10. Neon green and checkered print is sooo ITZY.

9. This new look was youthful and bright on these beautiful girls.

8. They look expensive in classic white.

7. These fits had summer vibes.

6. They look great when they experiment with colors like pink.

5. Each girl stands out in her own way.

4. They slay in bold colors like red.

3. Out of all their all-white looks, this one is the most memorable!

2. Slaying the jogger game.

1. Cute meets cool meets futuristic meets badass!