ITZY Declares Lia As Their Best Casual Dresser, Here Are 10 Times We Totally Understood Why

She’s too pretty in #10!

ITZY recently participated in a showcase with KBEE. After performing their latest title track, “LOCO,” they answered several interview questions where they picked the member who fit the criteria best. Lia was unanimously chosen when asked who was the best casual dresser in the group.

Check out some moments we totally understood why she was voted #1 below!

1. In a sheer shirt

First up, talk about making a statement! Lia caught everyone’s attention in a sheer knitted top and sports bra.

ITZY’s Lia

2. In a school-inspired outfit

Her blue blazer was reminiscent of school uniforms, and she totally killed the look!

3. In floral

She’s pretty in floral just as expected!

4. In a trench coat

A classic brown coat can never go wrong.

5. In a black blazer

Fall vibes fit her perfectly.

6. In a layered shirt

This comfy look is everything on her.

7. In a trench coat and sweater

If anyone can pair the formal look with a sporty one, it’s Lia.

8. In Burberry

She’s a Burberry model for a reason!


9. In an oversized sweater

Lia’s casual fashion is top notch.


10. In a dainty look

Finally, her style is always sweet and memorable.


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