ITZY Lia’s Top 10 Most Glamorous Looks Of All Time

Only she can rock #2 like this!

ITZY’s Lia makes a statement wherever she goes with her amazing fashion. Not only are her casual looks cute AF, but her event outfits are also absolutely stunning. Here are the top 10 best looks she’s worn on stage, to a red carpet, and more!

1. Royal Purple

Lia looked absolutely glamorous in this dress at a Louis Vuitton event.

2. All White

From the feathery crop top to her blocky heels, the cute and quirky details of this outfit make it beautiful.

3. Sequin Dress

The simplicity of this looks shows off Lia’s natural beauty and incredible figure.

4. Glam Goddess

Lia turned heads with this intricately detailed dress she wore at Melon Music Awards 2019.

5. Statement Dress

This unique one-sleeved dress was the perfect stage outfit.

6. Little Red Dress

Forget the LBD, Lia reminds us a tiny red dress is an essential part of a wardrobe (even if you’re not an idol)!

7. Tangerine Fit

This look is the perfect blend of classy and fun.

8. Shorts and Crop Top

Her sequined shorts pick up on her sparkly choker. Her gorgeous, thick hair styled like this is the cherry on top!

9. Metallic Babe

This layered silver dress is futuristic-looking.

10. Red Beads and Black Dress

The cut of this dress is sooo cute: From the way it flares out to the neck and shoulders, it flatters her figure so well!